The Company

Executive Dynamics is a knowledge-based Executive Search and Selection and Strategic Consulting business, strategically located in Rugby, Warwickshire but, which undertakes assignment activity throughout the UK, in Europe and further afield.
Recruitment forms the core part of our business, as expert human capital providers covering the specialist fields of:
  • Wealth Management, Asset Management and Financial Services
  •  Legal, Professional Services and Insurance
  •  Energy and Natural Resources
These core specialisms are complemented by a further as-important Generalist practice which operates seamlessly across a growing range of both Industrial and Commercial sectors and job functions.
Strategic HR, Coaching and Development Services also form a very important part of our 'offering', available both as stand-alone services to either Corporates or individuals or, in conjunction with our recruitment consulting activities.
As a successful and long-established business enjoying a strong industry reputation (albeit with a deliberate “under the radar” profile), we are typically tasked by our clients to undertake best-in-class talent identification and acquisition projects for key positions commanding base compensation packages of £50k - £250k+ per annum.
A key feature given the complexities attached to some of our (often confidential) project work, is that every member of our team, without exception, has worked directly within the specialist sectors they now serve. In other words, we hope we are perceived as being professional, highly experienced and credible service providers, where a practical understanding of your business is a given.
Whichever of our services might be of greatest interest to you, our personal and corporate objectives remain genuinely interlinked: Aiming to deliver outstanding service to both Clients and potential Candidates at all stages of the assignment process.
If we can help further, do please get in touch.